Guadeloupe Islands: Land of Champions

The Guadeloupe Islands are a Land of Champions, and we proved it one more time during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where eight Guadeloupean athletes won a medal. The most famous being the judoka Teddy Rinner, holder of 2 Gold Medals.




The diversity of our natural attributes make the Guadeloupe archipelago a godsend for the outdoorsy types, whether your sport is hiking, running, riding, fishing, you name it! Furthermore Guadeloupeans like to stay in good shape and eat healthy. As soon as the sun goes down you will see people jogging all over the 5 islands!


Being active is pretty much cultural


Widdy Grego, best marathon runner of the archipelago, have been practicing for over 20 years. He won the Jungle Marathon in 2014, a 172 miles long race in the Amazon, elected “toughest endurance race in the world”. He also took part to numerous other races around the world, including  the Marathon des Sables, a 156 miles long race in the desert


Among all the sports practiced in the Guadeloupe islands, running is the most popular. Several races take place in the archipelago, the most famous once are: the Volcano Trail, the Half Triathlon and the Gwadarun.

And two new races are coming up in december : the Bubble Day Guadeloupe, and the International Marathon of Guadeloupe.



The International Marathon of Guadeloupe will take place on December 18th 2016, starting from Le Moule in the Land of Sugar Cane, passing by Anse Bertrand, and finishing at the Souffleur Beach in Port Louis.

 Tickets and more info.



The Bubble Day Guadeloupe take place on December 3rd. It’s a 5km (3 miles) long race, where an activity is a waiting for you at each kilometer. After the race, the Bubble Festival will be held, featuring the best DJs of the Caribbean!

The Bubble Day Guadeloupe is:
-Your Bubble Day Guadeloupe Kit (official T-shirt, official sun glasses, official bag, official glass)
-A  warm up with SoFit&Yoga and Trace F
-3 miles of fun (walking, Moonwalking, Pokemon hunting)
– The Bubble Festival starting from 6pm, with Rony Dankers (The French Soca Master) and a lot of other artists.
Tickets and more info.


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